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Split System Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

Heating And Cooling Split Systems Air Conditioners In Melbourne
Heating And Cooling Split Systems Air Conditioners In Melbourne
Savage Air offers the best Heating and Cooling Split Systems in Melbourne. Call us now for a Split Cooling System that will keep your house cool.

Split System Installation Melbourne

Split system air conditioners Melbourne-wide are available in a wide range of designs and features. Wall-mounted units with fan coils are the most well-recognised and installed split systems (otherwise known as evaporators). 

Wall-mounted split systems are popular in homes and flats since they only need the installation of two components: the interior unit and the outdoor unit.

It’s often simple to undertake split system air conditioning installation Melbourne-wide, particularly when compared to Evaporative Cooling systems, which need ductwork and vents to be placed throughout the house.

What Are Split System Air Conditioners Melbourne And How Do They Work?

The term “split” comes from the fact that half of the system (condenser) is placed outside the home while the other half (fan coil) is installed inside. When cooling, the fan coil takes in warm air from within the room and removes it, resulting in cool air flowing back into the home. The heat pump may operate in reverse to offer warmth on chilly days, while a reverse cycle air conditioner enables the heat pump to run in the other direction.

Individual rooms, regions, or multiple rooms may be equipped with split air conditioning systems that are linked to an outside unit through copper pipe (condenser). With just one outside unit, split system heating and cooling installation can provide multi-head split air conditioning systems for up to nine rooms, enabling each room to have its own temperature control.

How Much Does Split System Installation Melbourne Cost?

Mitsubishi Electric is one of our preferred brands for Split Systems. The yearly operating cost of a Mitsubishi Electric GE Series 2.5KW Split System placed in a small room providing regular heating and cooling throughout the winter and summer seasons would be calculated, one of the reasons we consider it a strong contender for the best split system air conditioner Melbourne-wide.

What Is The Best Split System Air Conditioner Melbourne For Reducing Your Operational Costs?

With split system air conditioning Melbourne, lowering your running costs is simple. The amount you may save each year will be determined by the model you buy and its star rating, which is why it’s important to take this into account when you choose split systems. However, considering how you utilise your Split System in addition to the initial expense may be beneficial.

How do I organise split system air conditioning installation in Melbourne?

To organise split system air conditioning installation in Melbourne, simply contact Savage Air. Our team of experts will guide you through the process. 

We'll assess your needs, recommend suitable options for heating and cooling, provide a detailed quote, and schedule a convenient installation date. 

You can rely on our professional technicians to ensure a seamless and efficient installation experience.

What happens during a split system installation in Melbourne?

During a split system installation in Melbourne, our skilled technicians will carefully position the indoor unit in the desired location and mount the outdoor unit. 

They will connect refrigerant lines, electrical wiring, and perform necessary tests to ensure proper functioning. 

Our team will also provide you with instructions on operating the system and answer any questions you may have about its features and maintenance.

After my split system heating and cooling installation, how can I maintain my unit?

To maintain your split system unit after installation, regular maintenance is recommended. Keep the filters clean by either cleaning or replacing them as needed. 

Regularly check for any blockages or debris around the outdoor unit. Additionally, scheduling professional maintenance annually will help ensure optimal performance and address any potential issues. 

Savage Air offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your split system operating efficiently.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Split System Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne?

Because of the way split systems work, they are inexpensive and simple to maintain. Wall-mounted split air conditioning systems are the most popular home air conditioning system.

Technology Using Inverters

Inverter technology is the key to year-round comfort since it maintains a consistent temperature, saves money (because it lowers energy usage), and generates less noise while in operation. This is accomplished by fine-tuning the compressor’s rotational speed.


Because they are very inexpensive to purchase (depending on how many interior units you need) and require no duct work, wall mounted split AC systems and split system installation Melbourne is the most economical choice for one room, an apartment, or small home.

Temperature Control On Its Own

Each indoor unit has the ability to regulate the temperature of the space in which it is placed, allowing for varied temperatures in each room.

The State Of The Air

Many split air conditioning systems have air filtration and humidity control features that help to manage the quantity of dust and humidity in a space. Customers who are sensitive in mind or body (children, the elderly, asthmatic or allergy users) would benefit from this.

Split-Head Systems With Multiple Heads

Multi-Head Split Systems link several indoor units to a single outdoor condenser, allowing you to have the most appropriate air conditioner (in terms of physical and output limitations) for each room.

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South-east Melbourne residents need look no further than Savage Air for affordable split system air conditioning in Melbourne. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about our heating and cooling split system sale Melbourne-wide by calling 03 5941 8113 or submitting an online enquiry.

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