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Repairs And Service

Heating & Air Conditioning Service in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Do you remember the last time your heater or air conditioner got serviced? Savage Air is a preferred provider of heating and air conditioning maintenance for Melbourne businesses and homes. We strongly recommend cooler and heater repairs in Melbourne every 2 to 3 years to prevent your system from deteriorating and becoming inefficient.

From gas heater repair service and evaporative cooling repairs through to carbon monoxide testing and other services, our qualified technicians offer a range of heater and aircon repairs that Melbourne customers can greatly benefit from.

Heater Repairs

It’s essential for heaters to undergo regular heater repairs in Melbourne, especially if they run on gas. If your system leaks carbon monoxide, the safety of you and your family or employees may be compromised. Our technicians are available to provide ducted heating repairs in the Melbourne eastern suburbs, using state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly check your heating system for any leaks prior to cleaning and servicing the unit.

Evaporative Cooling Repairs

Evaporative coolers tend to build up dirt, pollen, grime and other debris during the winter months. This debris can cause blockages in the filter pads, which can clog up the pump, fan and motor. Savage Air is available to provide an evaporative cooling service across Melbourne to help ensure that your unit is always operating efficiently.

Hydronic Heating Repairs

Savage Air is proud to be a leading provider of specialist hydronic heating repairs in Melbourne. The primary goal when we conduct our hydronic heating service in Melbourne is to find any issues with your unit and address them before they get worse, ensuring your unit continues to run efficiently.

Split System Repairs

Savage Air is an expert in split system repairs throughout Melbourne. Whenever a split system has ceased to work properly, it can increase electricity bills, cause a lot of noise and be less efficient. To avoid these issues, a service should be arranged as soon as you become aware of a problem.

Contact Us Today for Heater & Aircon Repairs in Melbourne

Contact Savage Air today for an exceptional heating and air conditioning service in the Melbourne eastern suburbs. Call us today on 03 5941 8113 or send an online enquiry to learn more about our heater and air conditioning maintenance in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for evaporative cooling repairs or a ducted heating service in Melbourne, our technicians can do it all.