Reliable Heating Systems in Melbourne

Look no further than Savage Air for high-quality heating systems for Melbourne homes and businesses. Melbourne is notorious for having weather that’s unreliable and constantly changing from one extreme to another. This makes it crucial to have reliable heating installed, ensuring you and your family or employees can always feel warm and comfortable. At Savage Air, we can provide gas ducted heaters, split systems and ducted electric heating to suit your preferences.

Gas Ducted Heaters:
Gas ducted heaters use the air inside the building and heat it before circulating it through various ducts to reach outlets located in the roof or floor. These heaters are easy to use and can quickly reach the desired temperature.

Split Heating Systems
Split systems are designed to supply heated air to either one single room or multiple rooms in a building, making them a valuable investment for homeowners and businesses alike. The split heating systems we provide comprise of indoor wall-mounted units as well as outdoor units that are placed outside of the building. Both of these units work together to keep everyone inside warm.

Ducted Electric Heating Systems
Our ducted electric heating systems are made for heating Melbourne homes and workplaces via reverse cycle air conditioning. This is achieved with an indoor unit installed inside the roof and an outdoor unit that is place at a suitable spot outside. These units are connected by pipes that carry the refrigerant required to warm up the air.

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