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Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating Unit Replacement , Installing Duct In Old Homes And Air Duct Heater With Fan In Melbourne
Gas Ducted Heating Unit Replacement , Installing Duct In Old Homes And Air Duct Heater With Fan In Melbourne
For quality Gas Ducted Heating in Melbourne, choose Savage Air. We can assist with Ducted Heating in Melbourne for properties of all types and sizes.

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    Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne

    Gas ducted heating is a kind of ducted heating system that is placed in the roof or beneath the floor of your property (depending on available space for the system). It generates heat from gas, which is then distributed throughout your home, as the name implies.

    Ducted heating systems are one of the most primary forms of heating systems in Melbourne.

    Savage Air can help you install a new or replacement ducted heater, as well as repair and maintain your current system.

    What is the Gas Ducted Heating Technique?

    The airflow is then warmed by gas combustion and distributed and pushed around the home via a network of ducts with connecting vents in the ceiling or floor. Warm air is directed into rooms via vents that are located inside the floor or ceiling. To ensure equal heat distribution throughout your property, heating outlets should be installed around the perimeter.

    How does Ducted System Operates?

    Braemar, our preferred gas ducted heating brand, has the best rating and lowest operating expenses of any gas ducted heating brand in Australia. Braemar features 5 Energy Star Ratings that are unique to Braemar: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. (7 Star rating equivalent based on Australian Gas Association findings computed according to AS4556-2011 testing methodology.)

    Gas ducted heating utilizes less energy and emits much less greenhouse gases than conventional heating systems. Not only will you save money on energy bills, but you will also be helping the environment by adopting gas ducted heating.

    Braemar gas ducted heaters save on average 0.69T – 1.99T of CO2 emissions per year while offering a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home.

    What are the Advantages Installing of Gas Ducted Heating?

    Since the efficiency of heat production is not dependent on the outside temperature, gas ducted heating is the most common form of heating in Melbourne (unlike Reverse Cycle Heating Systems).

    Gas reduction Running Expense of Ducted Heating with Zone Control

    Zone Control, also known as zoning, may be used to decrease the operating expenses of a ducted heating system by allowing you to select which areas/rooms of the home you want to heat or cool.

    Extra Cooling Available

    There is the option of installing Add-On Cooling with Gas Ducted Heating. This will deliver cold chilled air conditioning via the same vents as your Gas Ducted Heater, saving both space and money since your roof will only need one set of ducts to provide both heating and cooling throughout your house.

    For gas ducted heating, Braemar is our top recommendation. Braemar has built a name as a trusted and creative Australian business by keeping Australian households delightfully warm and beautifully cool with superior high-performance heating and cooling solutions for many years. Braemar is a name that you can trust.

    Make an appointment for a free in-home consultation now! Contact Savage Air at (03) 5941 8113 or fill out our free quotation form above for a really complete Gas Ducted Heating installation and servicing in Melbourne!

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