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    Evaporative Cooling Repairs And Service In Melbourne
    Evaporative Cooling Repairs And Service In Melbourne
    Savage Air provides the very best Evaporative Cooling Service in Melbourne. Call us today for affordable Evaporative Cooling Repairs.

    Savage Air – Add-On Cooling Systems in Melbourne

    Savage Air specialises in providing high-quality add-on cooling solutions in Melbourne, allowing you to seamlessly integrate air conditioning into your existing ducted heating system. This innovative approach ensures efficient and effective climate control throughout the year.

    Ready to upgrade to an add-on cooling system in Melbourne? Contact Savage Air for a consultation. Our team is ready to enhance your existing ducted heating with a high-quality cooling solution, ensuring your comfort all year round. Call us today to learn more and start enjoying a cooler environment in your home or business.

    Our Add-On Cooling Services

    • Our add-on cooling systems are perfect for those who already have ducted heating and wish to include cooling without the need for a completely new system. It's an efficient way to enhance comfort in your home or office.
    • We tailor each add-on cooling system to fit your existing heating setup, ensuring optimal performance and minimal disruption during installation.
    • Savage Air prides itself on providing efficient installations and reliable maintenance services for all types of add-on cooling systems in Melbourne. Our experts ensure that your system operates seamlessly, providing comfortable temperatures no matter the season.

    Why Choose Savage Air for Your Add-On Cooling Needs?

    • Integration Expertise: We specialise in integrating cooling systems with existing heating units, maximising the efficiency of your climate control without the need for extensive modifications.
    • Cost-Effective Solutions:Add-on cooling is a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing system, providing cooling capabilities without the expense of installing an entirely new system.
    • Local Melbourne Service: Our deep understanding of Melbourne’s climate needs means we can provide the best advice and services tailored to local conditions.
    • Dedicated Customer Support: Savage Air is committed to outstanding customer service, from the initial consultation to post-installation support.

    Maximise Your Home Comfort with Savage Air’s Add-On Cooling in Melbourne

    Elevate your living or working space with the efficient and seamless integration of add-on cooling to your existing ducted heating system. Savage Air specialises in add-on cooling systems, ensuring you enjoy balanced temperatures throughout the year. Our expert team is ready to enhance your system with affordable and effective solutions. Contact Savage Air today to discuss how our add-on cooling options can transform your comfort and keep you cool during Melbourne's warmest months.

    Explore Our Range of Services

    At Savage Air, we offer a comprehensive array of heating and cooling solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers in Melbourne. Whether you're looking to upgrade an outdated system or replace a malfunctioning unit, our expert services ensure your home maintains optimal comfort throughout the year:

    • Ducted Heating Unit Replacement: Upgrade your home's heating efficiency with our ducted heating unit replacement service. Ideal for those with ageing systems, our replacements provide reliable, energy-efficient warmth during the colder months, ensuring your comfort and reducing your energy bills.
    • Evaporative Cooling Replacement: Refresh your cooling system with our evaporative cooling replacement services. Evaporative coolers are perfect for Melbourne's dry climate, offering natural and energy-efficient cooling that also humidifies your air, enhancing indoor air quality.
    • Split System Replacement: If your current split system air conditioner is no longer performing efficiently, consider our split system replacement service. We provide the latest models that offer improved performance, quieter operation, and better energy efficiency tailored to your specific cooling needs.

    Each service is carried out with careful attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact Savage Air today to find out how we can help you achieve and maintain the perfect indoor climate.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is add-on cooling?

    Add-on cooling involves integrating a cooling system into your existing ducted heating system, allowing you to use the same ductwork and vents to distribute cool air throughout your home during warmer months.

    Can add-on cooling be installed with any ducted heating system?

    Most ducted heating systems can accommodate add-on cooling, but it depends on the specific design and capacity of your current system. Our technicians can assess your setup to determine if add-on cooling is a feasible option for you.

    What are the benefits of installing an add-on cooling system in Melbourne?

    Add-on cooling offers a cost-effective way to add air conditioning to your home without needing a completely new system. It provides efficient cooling, uses existing ductwork, and is less intrusive to install compared to other air conditioning systems.

    How long does it take to install add-on cooling in Melbourne?

    The installation time can vary depending on the complexity of your existing heating system and the specific requirements of the add-on cooling unit. However, most installations are completed within a day, as it leverages the existing ductwork.

    What should I consider before deciding to install add-on cooling to my ducted heating system?

    Consider the age and condition of your current ducted heating system, the size of your home, and your cooling needs. It’s also important to consult with a professional to ensure that your heating system’s airflow and capacity can effectively support add-on cooling.

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    Showed up at agreed time, cleaned up after themselves, very respectful blokes with a quality finish, thanks very much to jonty and the boys for my new evap cooler

    Nathan Kerkvliet


    Had Jonty install a Evap Cooler. He was prompt, quick and competitive with pricing. Highly recommend

    Ben Doolin


    Thanks Jonty and the boys (Callum,Luke1 & Luke2)
    Great job installing the huge monster Aircon out side & huge monster heater in our roof on a fairly hot uncomfortable day. Very polite well mannered guys, efficient and even cleaned up after themselves (that’s old style respect I like). I would highly recommend this Company as they also traveled halfway round the world to do our job-five ticks thus far out of five!

    Vicki Wells Sel

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